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There is a common saying I am sure you know—life wasn’t meant to be easy. Without being too pessimistic, we all face challenges and problems of some description throughout our lives. However, whether you treat these challenges as a problem or an opportunity boils down to how you view and manage them.

Often people describe this as seeing the glass half full. I have heard problems described as ‘facts of life’ and some even say they are merely a ‘solution in disguise’.

There is some truth in every saying but I can attest to the following truth—a problem shared is a problem halved.



A supportive network can make all the difference to our outlook. At some point all of us need the support of friends and family, and most of us have people we can lean on. But not everyone recognises that substantial support is available from unexpected sources; they are either unaware of the possibilities or so immersed in their situation they cannot see or think beyond barriers that are holding them back. I want you to know you do have a choice and there is opportunity to lean on others for support—you just have to know where to look.

Sometimes support is as simple as being able to say what we think to people who will listen and respond in a constructive way. I often think of the wise words J.K. Rowling put in Dumbledore’s mouth, “Help will always be given … to those who ask”. The ‘help’ may not solve the problem, but it will make a difference, and perhaps enough of a difference to trigger practical change.

Be Innovative and Learn To Adapt

Having the opportunity to verbalise a situation can make all the difference when problems arise. Business owners regularly face difficulties when growing their businesses, and finding a way to turn these into opportunities is a valuable skill to acquire. Ever-changing conditions require us to be innovative and learning to adapt is particularly important in today’s competitive markets as you need to keep moving forward. Doing nothing usually makes matters worse, you need to take some form of action.

In my experience there are common themes to the problems faced by business owners. Late last year I did some basic research on business problems and opportunities. I asked two separate questions at different times in a Facebook group. My first question asked people to state the biggest problem in their business right now. My second question asked people to state their biggest opportunity. I found the results very interesting, and not in the way you might think. Many people were able to quickly and easily share their problems—I had around ninety comments in next to no time—but the opportunity question received only five or six responses.

Have Authentic Conversations

I should have delved a little deeper and asked why people were so willing to share their challenges online with complete strangers. It is so often the other way round at networking events. People tend to talk up their business and opportunities, but many are less keen to discuss difficulties and problems. Why not have authentic conversations about the difficulties we face at real time networking events? The opportunity to offer support, and explore problems with other professionals and people who have managed similar challenges is so beneficial. I know from running events and workshops through YTM, and from the mentoring my husband, Leigh, provides, that you will never be the only one to face into particular issues. Yours might have a different slant or vary to some degree, but through shared experience and knowledge you will find that you are not alone, and others can suggest ways you can find help if you are willing to ask. In effect, networking provides the perfect opportunity to join in to give and receive support. There is no need to feel alone, someone will be willing and able to assist if you reach out and connect.

I am pleased to say that regularly YTM conversations provide our participants with opportunities to gain support through established, trusted relationships.

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(this is an extract from my book- Two Ears, One Mouth and A Big Heart- which you can purchase with a downloadbale e-book to record your thoughts and think about what you want to achieve )

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Kerryn Powell