SPEAKER - Starting conversations that build business

As a keynote speaker, guest, facilitator or MC, I create a relaxed, enjoyable, energising context for change. People build knowledge, initiate conversations and form connections that build relationships, build trust, build business.


I show people how to turn conversations into business by teaching them to understand their strengths and identify what others want and need.

People recognise their potential for influencing others by learning how to ask open-ended problem-solving questions, and by practising real, engaging open conversations that create opportunities for connection.


Relationships matter. They are key to our success and provide us with infinite opportunities to connect, contribute, gain knowledge, benefit from support and achieve our goals. Like Yin and Yang, the Taoism symbol of two halves coming together, relationships are mutual and based on two way communication.

I show people how to establish mutual connections in their strategic, operational, personal and referral networks to nurture relationships that build strength into business.


Actively developing diverse networks leads to growth. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes unconsciously we learn from people we relate to, people who share their experiences, stories and knowledge.

I challenge people to explore and expand their networks; to think beyond themselves and draw energy and motivation from practical and inspiring stories about people who have initiated change by taking action

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Speaking topics include:

Building Better Business Relationships

How to Have Impactful Conversations

How to Network Effectively

Keynote Talk


“Kerryn demonstrates how to make networking a regular part of your life.  She has the knowledge and experience to help business people find a way to grow and maintain a useful network and she break it down into easy-to-follow steps”

-Angela Stubbs, Team Leader, Industry Development, Kingston Council

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