MENTOR - Using direct action to nurture confident growth

I don’t believe we have to stay on the same path if it is not serving us. Making an informed decision to change direction can turn out to be the best move ever. Sometimes we need someone special in our corner to help us transform.

That’s me—using two ears, one mouth and a BIG heart to support you as you discover the right connections for you.


Core Value

Smart people, great ideas, important projects don’t come to fruition without clarity, confidence and effective communication. As your mentor, I work with you through structured analysis to gain clarity, reveal how to communicate core value, and equip you to turn small talk into worthwhile conversations about your business.



My career is testament to the need to face into challenges with optimism. My core strategy has never let me down—build relationships, build trust, build business. For me, a key mentoring activity is for us to work together on time-saving trust-building network strategies that are the best fit for your goals.

Create Your Own Events – Sometimes best fit means creating your own events. This is a core activity for me—knowing what, how, when yields the best outcome. If this is what your business needs to get attention, create connections, generate leads, you can rely on me to support you from ‘first thought’ to ‘Wow, that went well’.


Amplifying Growth

Two of my strengths as a mentor are foresight and connection. I have a wealth of experience from running my own business and interconnecting hundreds of people.  I draw on my own diverse network to help you uncover opportunities you may never have considered, or considered possible.


“It was such a pleasure meeting the wonderful Kerryn Powell at the “Women Fit for Work” and YTM Networking event. We connected immediately and I knew her one-to-one coaching was just what I needed to take my business to the next level at networking events. I cannot thank and express my gratitude enough to Kerryn who was able to connect me with fabulous collaborators who were relevant to my business needs. Thank you Kerryn for all your direction. I absolutely love your YTM events which are run with such perfection allowing everyone to experience a real connection with each other. ”

— Angela Sorpreso, Bellartista Designs

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