THE NETWORK CATALYST - Forging networks through astute participation

My role as ‘The Network Catalyst’ is to start conversations that make a difference.

I gather people together to participate with clarity and empathy in purposeful interactions that change perceptions.

People connect the dots and build knowledge, skills and understanding by participating in micro processes of transformation.

The outcome is change amplified—people develop the confidence to transform thoughts into actions and change outcomes for themselves and others.




Your Time Matters runs a program of events and workshops providing a networking experience like none other. From the moment you make contact, YTM taps you into rich resources and delivers rich rewards—no pressure and no strings attached.

It is open, inclusive, and supports you to work “on” your business as you build confidence, clarity and trust with a strong and energetic community of peers.

Come to the next YTM event to see for yourself; transactions flow from transformation.



I collaborate with businesses, associations and groups to create events and workshops tailored to meet specific needs. We bring employees, members, customers and stakeholders together to open the lines of communication and discover connections that build relationships, build trust, build business.

This is a core activity for me—knowing how to start conversations that stimulate problem-solving and engage people in practical processes of transformation.

Get in touch if you want to find out how I help people engage with others to achieve better outcomes in business.


What difference can you make? What would you like your legacy to be?

When I reflect on these questions, I think about what has made a difference to me. I share many of these stories in my book which is full of local heroes; ordinary people who have been inspired to change their everyday actions to focus on connecting with others with heart.

This is my purpose—to amplify the impact we have on others and inspire action by revealing the transformative power of ‘giving to gain'.


“Kerryn's ability to connect people is invaluable. Her genuine interest in helping her business community achieve success comes to life at her YTM events, which are one of my favourite networking forums in Melbourne. Whether you are new to business networking and need some mentoring in this area, want to improve the communication between departments in your organisation or want to attend professional networking events with a difference, Kerryn's the expert to speak to!”

-Karen Hollenbach, Think Bespoke


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